I was in a house full of unsettling naked white mannequins they didn’t move and they had no faces I felt normal in the house, but also creeped out and I kept having a feeling of worry and a message kept playing in my head “don’t upset the dolls.”

The Haunting House of Mannequins: A Dream Interpretation,
The dream of being in a house full of unsettling naked white mannequins represents a sense of detachment and lack of emotion in your waking life. The mannequins, being lifeless and without faces, symbolize a lack of connection and authenticity in your relationships or interactions with others. The feeling of normalcy in the house suggests that you have become accustomed to this detachment and have accepted it as a part of your life. However, the underlying feeling of being creeped out and worried indicates that deep down, you are aware of the emptiness and lack of fulfillment in these relationships. The recurring message of don’t upset the dolls is a warning to not disrupt this false sense of normalcy and to continue living in a state of detachment. This dream may be a reflection of your subconscious desire for more meaningful and genuine connections with others. It is a reminder to address any underlying issues and work towards building more fulfilling relationships in your waking life.