In my dream I found out my dad as a kid kept making a police angry by breaking a tree branch over and over at a house I’ve never seen before then later I was at home with my brother and some other kid playing on the floor the officer said he was going to check the house and he did and didn’t find anything then he left right after we saw a figure on the other side of the house he started moving closer and we ran into a room locked the door and hid in the closet I was the last one in then our parents came and asked if we were ok I told them what happened and then he came back we all hid in the bedroom.i was in the cabinet so I couldn’t hear and was scared

The Hidden Fears and Guilt of Childhood: A Dream Analysis,
This dream may be a reflection of unresolved issues and emotions from your childhood. The presence of your father as a child suggests that the dream is tapping into memories and experiences from your past. The act of breaking a tree branch repeatedly may symbolize a sense of guilt or wrongdoing that your father may have carried with him as a child. This could also represent a pattern of behavior that he may have struggled with in his youth. The fact that this takes place at a house you have never seen before could indicate that these memories or emotions have been buried or repressed.

The police officer in the dream may represent authority figures or a sense of justice. The fact that he becomes angry at your father’s actions could suggest feelings of guilt or fear of punishment for past actions. This could also symbolize a fear of being caught or exposed for something you or your father did in the past.

The figure that appears on the other side of the house could represent a hidden or repressed aspect of yourself or your family. The fact that you all hide and lock yourselves in a room could suggest a desire to keep this aspect hidden or a fear of facing it. The presence of your parents could symbolize a need for protection and support in dealing with these hidden fears and emotions.

Your position in the closet could represent a desire to distance yourself from these emotions or a fear of facing them. The return of the police officer could symbolize a need to confront and address these unresolved issues. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your subconscious processing and attempting to come to terms with past experiences and emotions that have been buried or repressed.