Basically I was some kind of immortal teen assassin. In recent memory I was with some “friends” who were “testing” me which lead to a falling out. I may or may not had killed one of them (I can’t remember). Which led to the other few to try to kill me but I wasn’t interested so I tried to escape. (Honestly this dream just started escalating and escalating.

The Dark Side of Immortality: A Dream of Teenage Assassins,
This dream may reflect feelings of power and control, as well as a desire for independence and freedom. The dreamer is portrayed as an immortal teen assassin, suggesting a sense of invincibility and fearlessness. This could symbolize a desire to break free from societal norms and expectations, and to assert one’s own identity and agency. The dreamer’s friends represent external influences and pressures that may be testing the dreamer’s sense of self and values. The falling out and potential killing of one of the friends could represent a sense of betrayal or conflict within the dreamer’s relationships. The dreamer’s attempts to escape from the remaining friends who are trying to kill them could symbolize a desire to distance oneself from negative influences and toxic relationships. Overall, this dream may reflect the dreamer’s inner struggles with finding their own path and asserting their own identity in the face of external pressures and expectations.