I am with an attractive man with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a long blue trench coat. He reoccurs in most of my dreams and is always loving towards me. Yet he looks nothing like anyone I know. We are in the remains of a palace that looks like it was bombarded. I rest my head in his lap on the floor of the dilapidated ballroom. Flowers are growing through the cracks in the walls. He tells me he loves me and that as long as we are together we will find joy. The damaged ballroom floor had a checkerboard pattern. We begin to waltz together across the floor as the song "Doomed" plays. Despite the song being sad, I feel safe and hopeful while dancing with him. "Take my hand we can sit and watch the colors bloom," is a verse in the song. I notice how vibrant the flowers growing through the cracks are. He spins me around and then dips me as the song begins to end with the verse "here today and gone tomorrow, like we're doomed." The candles give the room a warm glow. Once the song ends I embrace him in a hug. And we stand there for a while embracing each other. The moment felt so beautiful I almost cried tears of joy. "I am always here" he says as he puts his hand on my heart before kissing me.

The Mysterious Man in the Dilapidated Palace: A Dream of Love and Hope,
This dream may symbolize your desire for a loving and secure relationship. The attractive man with short blonde hair and blue eyes represents an ideal partner, someone who is loving and devoted to you. The long blue trench coat may symbolize protection and stability. The remains of the palace and the damaged ballroom suggest that this relationship may have faced challenges or obstacles in the past. However, the flowers growing through the cracks symbolize hope and new beginnings. The checkerboard pattern on the ballroom floor may represent the ups and downs of a relationship. The song Doomed may reflect your fears and doubts about the future of this relationship, but the man’s words and actions reassure you that as long as you are together, you will find joy and beauty in life. The warm glow of the candles and the embrace at the end of the dance symbolize the warmth and comfort of being in a loving relationship. The man’s words and kiss on your heart may represent his commitment and love for you. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your longing for a loving and secure relationship, and your hope that it will last forever.