I was walking along a path thru the forest with my family. They got ahead of me and I couldn't keep up. I found myself alone and lost them. Then I found myself being chased by 4 strangers. I ran from them and hid in a bathroom I found in the forest. I was very afraid.

Lost and Chased: The Symbolism of Family and Fear in a Dream,
The dream of walking along a path through the forest with your family represents your journey through life with your loved ones. However, the fact that they got ahead of you and you couldn’t keep up suggests feelings of being left behind or not being able to keep up with the expectations of your family. This could also symbolize a fear of losing your family or being separated from them. The feeling of being alone and lost after losing your family in the dream may reflect your fear of being alone or feeling disconnected from your loved ones in waking life.

The appearance of four strangers chasing you could represent your fears and anxieties. These strangers may symbolize unknown or unfamiliar aspects of yourself that you are afraid to confront. Alternatively, they could represent external threats or challenges that you feel are chasing you in your waking life. The act of running and hiding in a bathroom may suggest a desire to escape or avoid these fears and challenges.

The bathroom itself may hold symbolic meaning as a place of privacy and vulnerability. It could represent a need for introspection and self-reflection in order to confront and overcome your fears. The fear you felt in the dream may also reflect your fear of facing these unknown aspects of yourself or the challenges in your waking life.

Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your subconscious fears and anxieties about your relationships with your family and your ability to face challenges and unknown aspects of yourself. It may be a reminder to confront these fears and work through them in order to find a sense of peace and security in your waking life.