I had a dream where I saw a giant flower stand in the middle of a dark yet dimly lit room. There were many of arrangements, but only two bouquets stood out. One bouquet had rich and luxurious purple roses and they were beautiful and filled me with love and joy. The other bouquet was more colorful, I saw daffodils, calla lilies, and marigolds maybe? All types of yellow flowers thar were very bright and pretty, but the thing that caught my eyes the most for this second one is the bright light blue leaves (I'm not sure if they were poinsettia or some other blue glowing leave but they were my favorite sight to look at. They gave me the same feelings as the first bouquet but were more awe-inspiring, wonderous and mysteriously intriguing to state at. The thing is that these two bouquets represent two sides of my idol crush. Through the purple rose bouquet aka the persona, I see a dark, edgy yet pretty fairytale prince that sings and dances to wow the world and make wishes cone true through alchemy and entertaining as a corporate idol. Through the other vibrant bouquet, I feel like he's able to show sides of himself that make me feel more emotions than the purple rose because there's a lot going on with him as a person as there is a lot going on with the colors of the second bouquetI think I remember picking these flowers for these bouquets at a flower stand in the middle of a dimly lit room. Which was only lit when the flowers showed up. The purple bouquet reminded me of my idol crush's virtual corporate persona, a fairytale dream version of him. The second bouquet with the yellow flowers, blue leaves, and other colorful elements represents his actual self, the side of him that is authentic, interesting and more free to speak and create whatever when he isn't pretending to be the purple bouquet

The Symbolism of Flowers in Dreams: Exploring the Meaning of a Giant Flower Stand,
Dreaming of a giant flower stand in a dark yet dimly lit room can symbolize the presence of hidden emotions or desires within the dreamer. The flowers in the stand represent different aspects of the dreamer’s idol crush, with the two bouquets standing out as the most significant. The first bouquet, with its rich and luxurious purple roses, represents the persona or image that the idol crush presents to the world. This persona is dark, edgy, and captivating, much like a fairytale prince who can make wishes come true through his talents and charisma. The dreamer feels love and joy when looking at this bouquet, reflecting their admiration for this side of their crush.

On the other hand, the second bouquet, with its vibrant yellow flowers, blue leaves, and other colorful elements, represents the idol crush’s authentic self. This side of the crush is more complex and multifaceted, with a lot going on beneath the surface. The dreamer is drawn to this bouquet because it represents the crush’s true personality, one that is interesting, free-spirited, and able to evoke a range of emotions in the dreamer.

The fact that the dreamer is picking these flowers at a flower stand in the middle of a dimly lit room suggests that they are exploring their feelings and desires for their crush in a safe and private space. The dimly lit room may symbolize the dreamer’s subconscious mind, where their true feelings and desires reside. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of the dreamer’s fascination with their idol crush and their desire to understand and connect with both their public persona and their authentic self.