After a family gathering one of my closest cousin and I were running from what looked like leaves and sticks in the form of clouds during a storm. There was no rain, but it was gray and windy. We made it to safety only to find out that another close cousin had passed away and left her baby to me. In real life she has a baby girl but in the dream it was a baby boy. I raised him as my own and he referred to me as mom

The Symbolism of Loss and Responsibility in a Stormy Dream,
This dream may represent feelings of fear and vulnerability in the face of unexpected challenges. The stormy weather and running from the clouds made of leaves and sticks could symbolize a sense of being overwhelmed and trying to escape from difficult emotions or situations. The fact that there was no rain but it was still gray and windy could suggest a sense of emotional turmoil or confusion. The passing of a close cousin and being left with their baby could symbolize a sense of loss and responsibility. The fact that the baby’s gender changed from a girl to a boy could represent a shift in roles or expectations. Raising the baby as your own and being referred to as mom could symbolize a sense of taking on new responsibilities and roles in your waking life. This dream may be reflecting your subconscious thoughts and feelings about changes and challenges in your personal relationships and responsibilities.