In a mystical forest land I saw 2 lions bring another lion they had already hunted and tied up back to their territory. The 2 lions must have turned into weird looking humans. They had really round heads and blood on them. Other little weird mystical people ran away calling them the venison. After watching everyone run away I made my way to shelter, very afraid they would see me and hunt me but they didn’t and I was safe

The Mystical Forest: A Symbolic Journey of Fear and Survival,
The dream takes place in a mystical forest, a symbol of the unknown and the subconscious mind. The presence of lions, powerful and majestic creatures, represents our primal instincts and desires. The fact that they have hunted and tied up another lion, possibly a weaker one, suggests a sense of dominance and control over our own inner conflicts and struggles. The transformation of the lions into weird-looking humans with round heads and blood on them could symbolize the internal battle between our animalistic nature and our rational, human side. The other little mystical people running away and calling the lions venison could represent our fears and insecurities, labeling our own vulnerabilities as prey to be hunted. The dreamer’s fear of being seen and hunted by the lions reflects a fear of facing our own inner demons and vulnerabilities. Seeking shelter symbolizes the need for protection and safety in the face of these fears. Overall, the dream may be a reflection of the dreamer’s inner conflicts and the need to confront and overcome them in order to find peace and safety within themselves.