I had a dream that I pulled a string out of a brick wall on the side or somebody house and that shit crumbled and collapsed dude I got outta there and was sitting at home shook like Spongebob when he threw that peanut at that clam! I got back home and they said they had every FBI agent investigating on who did it because it was the home of the most powerful politician in Michigan boyyy I had the BUBBLE GUTS

The Power of Destruction: A Dream of Political Consequences,
This dream may symbolize a feeling of powerlessness and fear of consequences. The brick wall represents a strong and impenetrable barrier, possibly representing a powerful figure or institution in your waking life. Pulling the string out of the wall could represent a desire to break down this barrier and expose the truth. However, the collapse of the wall and the subsequent FBI investigation suggest that this action may have serious consequences. The feeling of being shook and having bubble guts could represent guilt and anxiety about the potential repercussions of your actions. The reference to Spongebob and the clam could symbolize a sense of being caught in the middle of a conflict or being the scapegoat. This dream may be reflecting your subconscious fears and anxieties about standing up against authority or speaking out against corruption. It could also be a warning to carefully consider the consequences before taking any drastic actions.