there was a wedding of two people who were from different religions and not supposed to marry, if i drank blood from a cup the two people would know eternal love but i never would have love like that in my life. there were animal's all around us in a circle in the forest.

The Forbidden Wedding: A Biblical Dream Interpretation,
The dream of a forbidden wedding between two people of different religions is a powerful symbol of the struggle between love and societal expectations. In the Bible, marriage is seen as a sacred union between a man and a woman, and the idea of marrying someone from a different religion was often frowned upon. This dream may represent the dreamer’s own internal conflict between following their heart and conforming to societal norms.

The act of drinking blood from a cup in the dream may symbolize a covenant or a binding agreement. In the Bible, blood is often used to seal covenants, and drinking it may represent a commitment to something or someone. In this dream, the act of drinking blood may symbolize the dreamer’s willingness to go against societal expectations and follow their heart’s desire.

The animals in the dream, particularly in a circle in the forest, may represent the wild and untamed aspects of nature. In the Bible, the forest is often seen as a place of temptation and danger, and the animals may symbolize the temptations and challenges that the dreamer may face in pursuing a forbidden love. However, the fact that the animals are in a circle may also symbolize the idea of unity and harmony, suggesting that despite the challenges, the dreamer’s love may ultimately prevail.

The idea of eternal love in the dream may represent the dreamer’s desire for a love that transcends societal boundaries and expectations. However, the dreamer’s fear of never experiencing such a love in their own life may reflect their own doubts and insecurities about pursuing a forbidden relationship.

Overall, this dream may be a reflection of the dreamer’s inner struggle between following their heart and conforming to societal expectations. It may also serve as a reminder to trust in the power of love and to not let fear or doubt hold them back from pursuing their true desires.