I was in church&heard a voice saying Javi 3 times saw a flame of fire said is that you Lord He said come through the fire you will not get burnt I put my hand head & wasnt burning I went through entered into heaven infront of Gods throne. I saw seven angels holding seven golden bowls. I saw colors blue white silver the Lord face was bright He said go tell my people I’m coming in two days I asked him is there anything else you want me to say He said go tell my people I’m coming in two days now go I ended up back in the church I told everyone to stop praising God gave me a word God told me to tell my people that he’s coming in two days everyone was rejoicing I went outside of the church the sky turned dark orange I saw demons torturing people dragging them to hell other religion churches being destroyed a black horse with fire coming out of its mouth demons tried to destroy my church by throwing fireballs nothing happen demons started to speak in their tongue calling for help and left

The Prophetic Dream of the Second Coming,
This dream is a powerful and prophetic message from God about the imminent return of Jesus Christ. The dreamer is in a church, symbolizing the body of believers, and hears a voice saying the name Javi three times. This could represent the Trinity, as the number three often symbolizes the Godhead in the Bible. The flame of fire represents the Holy Spirit, who guides and protects the dreamer. The voice asks if it is the Lord, and when the dreamer responds, they are invited to come through the fire without being burned. This symbolizes the promise of God’s protection and deliverance for His people. The dreamer then enters into heaven, symbolizing the ultimate destination for believers after death. The seven angels holding golden bowls represent the seven spirits of God mentioned in Revelation 1:4. The colors blue, white, and silver symbolize purity, holiness, and righteousness, which are attributes of God. The bright face of the Lord represents His glory and majesty. The command to go and tell God’s people that He is coming in two days is a clear message of urgency and preparation for the second coming of Christ. The dreamer is then back in the church, symbolizing the importance of sharing this message with fellow believers. The dark orange sky and the demons torturing people and dragging them to hell represent the judgment and punishment that will come upon those who reject God. The black horse with fire coming out of its mouth symbolizes the Antichrist, who will deceive many in the end times. The demons’ attempts to destroy the church with fireballs represent the spiritual warfare that believers will face. However, the power of God prevails, and the demons are forced to flee. This dream serves as a warning and a call to action for believers to share the gospel and prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.