Tiny animals being removed from under the skin of a woman also being pulled from a tv remote and other very unlikely objects. Cats mostly. A dog and they are everywhere on the grass and surrounding ground. So many that I was tiptoeing around the yard to avoid them.

The Biblical Meaning of Tiny Animals Being Removed from Under the Skin,
This dream may symbolize a spiritual battle against demonic forces. The tiny animals represent evil spirits that have attached themselves to the woman, causing her harm and discomfort. The fact that they are being removed from under her skin suggests that these spirits have been deeply embedded in her life and are now being exposed and expelled. This could be a reflection of the woman’s own struggles with sin and temptation, as well as the influence of negative influences in her life. The presence of cats, a dog, and other unlikely objects being pulled from the woman’s skin could represent the various forms that these evil spirits may take, such as false beliefs, addictions, or unhealthy relationships. The fact that they are also being pulled from a TV remote could symbolize the influence of media and technology in the woman’s life, which may be a source of temptation and distraction. The abundance of these tiny animals, to the point where the dreamer is tiptoeing around them, could suggest that the woman is surrounded by these negative influences and needs to be cautious and vigilant in her spiritual walk. This dream may be a warning to the dreamer to be aware of the spiritual battle that is constantly taking place and to seek God’s protection and guidance in overcoming these forces of darkness. It is also a reminder that with God’s help, these evil spirits can be removed and the woman can be set free from their influence.