I’m in the food court hubby said that he heard these little girls talking about their little brother is going to have their first test. I got up started talking loud said excuse me everyone I’m looking for someone who’s about to have their first exam I found this little boy who is sitting on the chair I pray for him. I prayed for his legs hands right ear and head he turned and looked to the left I saw the bullet hole on his head. It was a dried with white around it and you were able to see the inside of his head. When I pray for his head the mom gasp hard don’t know why I left on a bike got on a trail next to me was a river I see this curve coming up ahead of me and I knew something was bad this family walking really fast came out And there is another trail connected to my trail. When I rode past that trail I saw an alligator trying to catch this toy car for a child to ride on, but there was no child in i was trying to pedal faster I couldn’t I look behind me alligator was chasing me

A Call to Pray for the Lost,
In this dream, the dreamer finds themselves in a food court, where they overhear a conversation about a young boy who is about to take his first test. The dreamer feels compelled to pray for this child, and as they do, they notice a bullet hole in the child’s head. The dreamer then leaves on a bike and encounters a river and a trail, where they see an alligator chasing after a toy car. The dream ends with the alligator chasing after the dreamer.

From a Christian biblical perspective, this dream can be seen as a call to pray for those who are lost and in need of spiritual healing. The food court represents a place of nourishment and sustenance, and the dreamer’s desire to pray for the child shows their compassion and desire to help others. The child’s first test can symbolize a new beginning or a challenge that the child is facing. The bullet hole in the child’s head may represent a spiritual wound or struggle that the child is dealing with. The dreamer’s prayer for the child’s legs, hands, right ear, and head can be seen as a plea for healing and protection in these areas.

The dreamer’s encounter with the alligator can symbolize the spiritual forces of evil that are constantly trying to attack and harm us. The alligator’s attempt to catch the toy car, which represents a child’s innocent and carefree nature, can be seen as a reminder of the enemy’s desire to steal, kill, and destroy. The dreamer’s struggle to pedal faster and escape the alligator’s grasp can represent the spiritual battle that we all face in our daily lives.

Overall, this dream serves as a reminder to pray for those who are struggling and in need of spiritual healing. It also highlights the importance of being aware of the spiritual forces at work in our lives and staying vigilant in our faith. As Christians, we are called to be prayer warriors and to intercede for others, just as the dreamer did for the child in the dream. Let this dream be a reminder to always be on guard and to pray for those who are lost and in need of God’s love and healing.