I saw a person killing unknown family members with her eyes. She seems to be powerful witch who’s destroying family. Everyone in family are escaping.

The Witch’s Curse: A Spiritual Perspective on a Dream of Family Destruction,
The dream of witnessing a powerful witch destroying a family through her eyes is a reflection of the dreamer’s inner turmoil and fear of losing their own family. The witch symbolizes a negative and destructive force that is causing chaos and harm to the dreamer’s family. This could represent a real-life situation where the dreamer feels helpless and unable to protect their loved ones from harm. It could also indicate the dreamer’s own negative thoughts and emotions that are causing harm to their family relationships.

The act of killing in the dream is a metaphor for the dreamer’s fear of losing their family or the fear of being abandoned by them. This fear could stem from past experiences or current insecurities in the dreamer’s relationships. The unknown family members being killed could represent the dreamer’s own fears and doubts about their extended family or relatives.

The witch’s powerful eyes symbolize the dreamer’s own inner strength and intuition. The dreamer may possess a strong intuition and the ability to see through people’s true intentions, but they may also fear the consequences of using this power. The dreamer may feel guilty for not being able to protect their family or for not using their intuition to prevent harm.

The family members escaping in the dream represent the dreamer’s desire to protect their loved ones and keep them safe from harm. It could also symbolize the dreamer’s own need to escape from the negative and destructive energy that is causing chaos in their family.

From a spiritual perspective, this dream is a reminder for the dreamer to trust their intuition and use their inner strength to protect their family. It also serves as a warning to be aware of negative thoughts and emotions that could harm their relationships. The dreamer may need to confront their fears and insecurities in order to maintain a harmonious and loving family dynamic. This dream is a call to action for the dreamer to take control of their own thoughts and emotions and use them for the betterment of their family relationships.