I saw my twin flame in my house and my father is conversing with him, but I am not caring him anymore.

The Spiritual Significance of Seeing Your Twin Flame in Your House,
The dream of seeing your twin flame in your house and your father conversing with them can hold significant spiritual meaning. In spiritual terms, a twin flame is believed to be the other half of your soul, and their presence in your dream may symbolize a deep connection and union with your higher self. Your house, in this dream, represents your inner self and the state of your being. The fact that your twin flame is present in your house suggests that you are in a state of alignment and harmony with your true self. This can be seen as a positive sign, indicating that you are on the right path towards spiritual growth and self-discovery.

The presence of your father in the dream may also hold symbolic meaning. Fathers are often seen as authority figures and can represent guidance and protection. In this dream, your father may be seen as a representation of your spiritual guides or higher powers, who are guiding you towards your twin flame and helping you connect with your true self.

However, the most significant aspect of this dream is your lack of care towards your twin flame. This may suggest that you have reached a point in your spiritual journey where you no longer need the validation or approval of others, including your twin flame. You have found a sense of inner peace and contentment, and are no longer seeking external validation or validation from others. This can be seen as a sign of spiritual maturity and growth, as you have learned to rely on your own inner guidance and intuition.

Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your spiritual journey and the progress you have made towards self-discovery and inner peace. It may also serve as a reminder to continue on this path and trust in your own inner wisdom and guidance.