I saw myself painting a church wit red paint and then I saw my self inside a church standing and I see a Jew standing in front of the door and said the Jews are running out of water and then I appeared outside and was painting the parking lot post red but then I saw it had red so I didn’t need to paint it and then I saw my self holding a hose and I saw huge trees of fruit and started to water it and some fruit fell and I saw an angel and he looked at the fruit and said the harvest is almost ready

The Symbolism of Painting and Watering in a Church Dream,
This dream is filled with powerful biblical symbolism, starting with the act of painting a church with red paint. Red is often associated with the blood of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for our sins. By painting the church, the dreamer may be symbolically acknowledging the importance of Jesus’ sacrifice and the need for redemption. The act of painting can also represent the idea of renewal and transformation, as the church is being made new and vibrant with the red paint. This could be a message for the dreamer to focus on their own spiritual growth and renewal.

The dream then shifts to the dreamer being inside the church and encountering a Jew who speaks of a lack of water. Water is a powerful symbol in the Bible, often representing purification, cleansing, and the Holy Spirit. The Jew’s statement about running out of water could symbolize a spiritual drought or a need for spiritual refreshment. The dreamer may need to seek out the living water of Jesus to quench their spiritual thirst.

The dream then moves outside, where the dreamer is painting a parking lot post red but realizes it is already red. This could symbolize the dreamer’s desire to make things perfect or their tendency to overwork themselves. The dream may be reminding the dreamer to let go of perfectionism and trust in God’s plan.

The dream ends with the dreamer holding a hose and watering huge trees of fruit. This could represent the dreamer’s role in spreading the gospel and bearing spiritual fruit. The angel’s statement about the harvest being almost ready could be a message for the dreamer to continue their spiritual work and be prepared for the coming harvest.

Overall, this dream is a powerful reminder of the importance of Jesus’ sacrifice, the need for spiritual renewal, and the role of believers in spreading the gospel and bearing fruit for God’s kingdom.