I saw myself painting a church wit red paint and then I saw my self inside a church standing and I see a Jew standing in front of the door and said the Jews are running out of water and then I appeared outside and was painting the parking lot post red but then I saw it had red so I didn’t need to paint it and then I saw my self holding a hose and I saw huge trees of fruit and started to water it and some fruit fell and I saw an angel and he looked at the fruit and said the harvest is almost ready

The Symbolism of Red Paint and the Harvest in a Church Dream,
This dream is filled with powerful symbolism that can be interpreted through a Christian biblical perspective. The act of painting a church with red paint can represent the blood of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for our sins. It could also symbolize the purification and cleansing of the church. The fact that the dreamer is inside the church could suggest a personal connection to their faith and a desire to be closer to God. The Jew standing in front of the door could represent the Old Testament and the importance of the Jewish faith in Christianity. The mention of running out of water could symbolize a spiritual thirst or a need for renewal and revival within the church.

The dreamer then appears outside and is painting the parking lot post red, but realizes it is already red and doesn’t need to be painted. This could symbolize the realization that the work of salvation has already been done by Jesus and there is no need for further effort. The dreamer then sees themselves holding a hose and watering huge trees of fruit. This could represent the spreading of the gospel and the growth of the church. The falling fruit could symbolize the impact and success of their efforts.

The appearance of an angel and the statement that the harvest is almost ready could represent the coming of the end times and the final harvest of souls for God’s kingdom. It could also symbolize the importance of evangelism and spreading the word of God to prepare for the harvest. Overall, this dream could be a reminder for the dreamer to stay connected to their faith, to continue spreading the gospel, and to be prepared for the coming of the end times.