I was looking on the sky and look like a solar eclipse but not sure and then I saw a huge round thing coming to earth and when it touched the earth it got bigger and bigger and exploded and it was a solar flare and I ran an sucked but nothing happen to me

The Prophetic Significance of a Solar Eclipse and Solar Flare in a Dream,
The dream of witnessing a solar eclipse and a solar flare holds great prophetic significance in the Christian biblical perspective. The sky represents the spiritual realm and the solar eclipse symbolizes a temporary darkness or a spiritual battle that is about to take place. This could be a warning of a spiritual attack or a time of testing and trials in one’s life. The round object coming towards the earth represents a heavenly body, possibly a comet or an asteroid, which signifies a significant event or change that is about to occur on earth. This could be a major event in one’s personal life or a global event that will impact the world. The fact that the object gets bigger and explodes upon touching the earth indicates that the event will have a powerful and far-reaching impact. This could be a time of great upheaval and chaos, but also a time of transformation and renewal.

The solar flare, which is a sudden burst of energy from the sun, represents the power and glory of God. It could also symbolize the judgment of God, as fire is often associated with judgment in the Bible. The fact that the dreamer ran and was unharmed by the solar flare could indicate that they have a strong faith and trust in God, and will be protected and guided through the trials and tribulations that are to come.

Overall, this dream could be a warning of a spiritual battle and a major event or change that is about to take place. It serves as a reminder to stay strong in faith and trust in God, who is in control of all things. It also encourages the dreamer to be prepared and to seek guidance and protection from God during times of trials and tribulations. This dream could also be a call to pray for protection and guidance for oneself and for the world during these uncertain times.