I am a husband and a father. In the dream, I had urinated in the toilet and was embarrassed when I noticed that I had urine on my beige long pants. I went outside and saw three fountains, so I stood close to the first one and took some water to wet my pants more so that people would think my pants were wet from the fountain only. I then noticed that the third fountain was busy drying up. The fountain had like a flower at its source...busy coming loose which I tried to fix.

The Symbolism of Urination and Fountains in a Dream,
The dream of being a husband and father represents a desire for stability and responsibility in one’s personal life. The act of urinating in the toilet symbolizes the release of negative emotions and cleansing of the mind and spirit. However, the embarrassment of having urine on the beige long pants suggests feelings of shame or guilt about one’s actions or thoughts. This could be related to a recent mistake or wrongdoing that the dreamer is trying to hide or cover up.

The three fountains in the dream represent different sources of guidance and support in the dreamer’s life. The first fountain, which the dreamer stands close to, symbolizes the influence of others and the desire to conform to societal norms. By wetting his pants with water from the fountain, the dreamer is trying to fit in and avoid judgment from others. This could indicate a fear of being judged or rejected for one’s true self.

The second fountain, which is busy drying up, represents a lack of spiritual nourishment and guidance. The flower at its source could symbolize the fading of faith or a loss of connection with one’s spiritual beliefs. The dreamer’s attempt to fix the flower could suggest a desire to reconnect with their faith and find inner peace and guidance.

Overall, this dream may be a reflection of the dreamer’s inner struggles with societal expectations and their own spiritual beliefs. It could also be a reminder to address any feelings of shame or guilt and seek guidance from a higher power. The dream encourages the dreamer to embrace their true self and find balance between societal norms and personal beliefs.