At a car dealer wanting to exchange the tires on my vehicle with the brand new tires off a new red car.

The Biblical Significance of Exchanging Tires in a Dream,
In the Bible, tires or wheels often symbolize movement, progress, and the journey of life. In this dream, the car dealer represents a place of decision-making and the red car symbolizes passion, energy, and vitality. The fact that the dreamer wants to exchange their old tires for brand new ones suggests a desire for a fresh start or a new direction in life. This dream may be a message from God, urging the dreamer to make a change or take a new path in their journey. nnThe act of exchanging tires also holds significance in the Bible. In the book of Job, Job’s friends are compared to broken cisterns and worn-out tires because they were unable to provide him with the spiritual support he needed. This dream may be a warning to the dreamer to be cautious of who they seek advice from and to rely on God for guidance instead. nnFurthermore, the color red in the dream may represent the blood of Jesus and the sacrifice He made for our sins. This could symbolize the dreamer’s desire for a spiritual renewal and a closer relationship with God. The dream may also be a reminder to the dreamer to put their faith in God and trust in His plan for their life. nnOverall, this dream may be a call to action for the dreamer to make a change, seek spiritual guidance, and trust in God’s plan for their journey. It is important for the dreamer to reflect on their current path and make any necessary adjustments to align with God’s will. By exchanging their old tires for new ones, the dreamer is symbolically letting go of their past and embracing a new beginning with God by their side.