I was in a forest. There was a black woman crocheting hair into her scalp. I stood in front of her as she crocheted a gray hair at the front of her hairline. Then she turned and looked behind her. There was a crossroad street sign one read did’ng (it was didn’t and going mixed together; laurel was at the bottom in small words which means bay leaf) I couldn’t see what the other sign said. Then the woman looked to her right and there was an oxen with a little boy standing next to it. Then she looked to her left and there were two oxen’s. I can’t remember the last bit too well but she turned to look straight at me and when she did a large silver key about the size of a pitcher came from above. The entire dream was in AI.

The Symbolism of the Forest and Crocheting in a Biblical Dream,
This dream is filled with symbolism that can be interpreted through a biblical lens. The forest represents a place of growth and transformation, as it is often used as a metaphor for the spiritual journey. The black woman crocheting hair into her scalp can be seen as a symbol of self-care and nurturing, as hair is often associated with strength and identity in the Bible. The gray hair being crocheted at the front of her hairline could represent wisdom and maturity, as gray hair is often associated with age and experience. This could suggest that the dreamer is in a season of growth and learning, seeking guidance and wisdom from those around them.

The crossroad street sign is a powerful symbol in this dream. The fact that one sign reads did’ng (a combination of didn’t and going) could represent a decision or choice that the dreamer is facing. The small words laurel and bay leaf at the bottom could symbolize victory and success, reminding the dreamer to trust in God’s plan and guidance in their decision-making.

The oxen and the little boy could represent the dreamer’s responsibilities and relationships. The fact that there are two oxen on one side and one on the other could symbolize a need for balance and harmony in these areas of the dreamer’s life. The large silver key that appears when the woman looks straight at the dreamer could represent an opportunity or blessing that is being unlocked for them. This could be a reminder to stay open and receptive to God’s blessings and guidance.

Overall, this dream could be a message from God to the dreamer to trust in His plan and guidance, to seek wisdom and maturity, and to find balance and harmony in their responsibilities and relationships. It could also be a reminder to stay open and receptive to God’s blessings and opportunities in their life.