Me and my wife were eating chicken and then we were like in a warehouse and all of a sudden my wife was somewhere else and there was a sandstorm and people were panicking and then I was gona start to go look for my wife and the angel of the Lord told me to stay where I am and I said Siri call my wife and then my wife answered and I said there’s a sandstorm and woke up

A Dream of Guidance and Protection,
This dream is a powerful reminder of God’s love and protection for His children. The chicken symbolizes nourishment and sustenance, representing the blessings and abundance that God provides for you and your wife. The warehouse represents a place of storage and protection, symbolizing God’s provision and shelter for His people. However, the sudden separation from your wife and the sandstorm indicate a time of chaos and uncertainty. This could represent a difficult situation or trial that you and your wife may face in the future.

The sandstorm is a powerful biblical symbol, often representing a time of testing and purification. In the Bible, the Israelites faced a sandstorm in the desert as they journeyed towards the Promised Land. This was a time of testing and refining their faith in God. Similarly, the sandstorm in your dream may symbolize a time of testing and strengthening your faith in God.

The people panicking in the sandstorm could represent the chaos and fear that often accompany trials and difficult situations. However, the angel of the Lord appearing to you and instructing you to stay where you are is a clear message of God’s protection and guidance. Just as the angel of the Lord protected the Israelites in the desert, God is assuring you that He will protect and guide you through any storm or trial that may come your way.

Your decision to call your wife in the midst of the sandstorm is a reminder to always turn to God and seek His guidance and protection in times of trouble. And just as your wife answered the call, God will always be there to answer your prayers and provide comfort and peace in the midst of chaos.

Overall, this dream is a powerful reminder to trust in God’s love, protection, and guidance in all circumstances. No matter what trials or challenges you may face, God is always with you, leading you and your loved ones to safety and peace. Remember to always turn to Him and seek His guidance, and He will never fail to answer your call.