Crocodile was hiding in water…I thought I saw it under the surface….its eyes and nostrils were closed and looked like a log….i was trying to figure out if it was, and all of a sudden it took a deep breath and I confirmed it was a crocodile….then I woke up

The Hidden Danger: A Biblical Interpretation of a Dream about a Crocodile,
In the Bible, water often symbolizes the depths of the human psyche and emotions. The crocodile, a fierce and powerful predator, represents hidden dangers and deceit. This dream may be a warning to be cautious of someone or something in your life that may seem harmless on the surface, but is actually dangerous and deceptive. The fact that the crocodile was hiding in the water suggests that this danger may be hidden or not easily recognizable. The closed eyes and nostrils of the crocodile may symbolize the deceptive nature of this danger, as it may be difficult to see or understand its true intentions.

The dreamer’s attempt to figure out if the crocodile was real or not could represent their struggle to discern the truth about this danger. This could also indicate a sense of uncertainty or confusion in the dreamer’s waking life. However, when the crocodile suddenly takes a deep breath and reveals its true nature, it could be a sign that the truth will eventually be revealed and the danger will be exposed.

In the Bible, the crocodile is also associated with the devil and his deceitful ways. This dream could be a reminder to stay vigilant and not be deceived by the enemy’s tactics. It may also be a call to rely on God’s wisdom and discernment to navigate through any potential dangers in life.

Overall, this dream serves as a warning to be cautious and discerning in all aspects of life. It is important to not be deceived by appearances and to seek God’s guidance and protection in all situations. With His help, we can overcome any hidden dangers and emerge victorious.