I saw a red horse running and I saw 5 or 6 Arabic men at. Table signing an agreement. Then I saw hundred of thousands of people running to the altar for salvation and repentance.

The Red Horse and the Multitudes: A Biblical Dream Interpretation,
The dream begins with the image of a red horse running, which is a symbol of war and conflict according to the book of Revelation. This could represent a spiritual battle or struggle that the dreamer is currently facing. The color red also symbolizes sin and the need for repentance, which will become a recurring theme in this dream. The horse could also represent the swift and powerful movement of God’s Spirit, as seen in the book of Zechariah. This could indicate that God is at work in the midst of the conflict, bringing about His plans and purposes.

Next, the dreamer sees 5 or 6 Arabic men at a table signing an agreement. This could represent a covenant or agreement being made between different nations or groups. In the Bible, covenants were often made between God and His people, and this could symbolize a spiritual covenant being made between the Arabic men and God. It could also represent a coming together of different cultures and nations for a common purpose, which could be a sign of unity and peace.

The dream then shifts to a scene of hundreds of thousands of people running to the altar for salvation and repentance. This is a powerful image of revival and spiritual awakening, as people are turning to God in repentance and seeking salvation. This could be a call for the dreamer to pray for revival and to be a part of God’s work in bringing people to salvation.

The altar is a significant symbol in the Bible, representing a place of sacrifice and surrender to God. This could indicate that the dreamer needs to surrender their own desires and plans to God and allow Him to work in their life. It could also be a reminder to continually seek repentance and forgiveness for any sins or struggles in their life.

Overall, this dream is a powerful reminder of the spiritual battle that we are all facing, and the need for repentance and surrender to God. It also highlights the importance of unity and coming together for a common purpose, and the incredible power of revival and spiritual awakening. May this dream serve as a call to prayer and action for the dreamer and all who hear it.