I was in a room looking out a window at a storm. Lightening was everywhere and constant though I heard no thunder. I saw people sitting around a swimming pool, and some swimming and playing in the pool acting as if the storm was not going on right over them.

The Storm and the Swimming Pool: A Biblical Dream Interpretation,
The dream of being in a room looking out a window at a storm with constant lightning and no thunder, while people around a swimming pool act as if the storm is not happening, holds significant symbolism in the Bible. The storm represents chaos and turmoil, while the swimming pool symbolizes a place of peace and tranquility. This dream may be a reflection of the inner struggles and conflicts that the dreamer is facing in their waking life. The constant lightning without thunder could represent the silent but powerful presence of God, who is always watching over us even in the midst of chaos. The people in the dream who are unaffected by the storm could represent those who have found peace and security in their faith in God, and are able to remain calm and joyful even in the midst of life’s storms.

The fact that the storm is happening right over the swimming pool could also symbolize the protection and shelter that God provides for His people. Just as the people in the dream are able to find refuge in the swimming pool, we can find refuge in God during times of trouble. The dream may also be a reminder to trust in God and have faith that He will see us through any storm that comes our way.

The absence of thunder in the dream could also hold significance. In the Bible, thunder is often associated with the voice of God, and is a symbol of His power and authority. The fact that there is no thunder in the dream could represent a lack of communication or connection with God. It could be a reminder to the dreamer to seek a deeper relationship with God and to listen for His voice in the midst of life’s storms.

Overall, this dream serves as a reminder of God’s constant presence and protection in our lives, even when we may not feel it. It encourages us to trust in Him and find peace in the midst of chaos, knowing that He is always with us and will guide us through any storm we may face.