In my dream I was with my wife and we went to a gathering of believers and we saw Joey the pastor and we greeted and then my wife prayed for him and then I saw Mike and we were both excited and I said how you been and he said good and I said I’ve been in lighthouse church this whole time and he was in shock and then I left and continue walking among many believers and then I was looking in the sky and I saw a huge hand glowing bright in the sky and I went to go say I just saw an open vision I saw Gods hand shining bright and I was excited and we was around thousand of believers

A Divine Encounter: A Christian Biblical Interpretation of a Dream,
This dream is a powerful representation of a divine encounter with God and His people. The dreamer’s wife symbolizes the church, and their journey to a gathering of believers represents the journey of faith. The presence of Joey the pastor symbolizes the guidance and leadership of God in the dreamer’s life. The fact that the dreamer’s wife prayed for Joey shows the importance of intercession and the power of prayer in the Christian faith.

The encounter with Mike, a fellow believer, represents the importance of fellowship and community in the Christian walk. The dreamer’s statement about being in the lighthouse church the whole time symbolizes the importance of staying rooted in a strong and faithful church community.

The dreamer’s vision of a huge, glowing hand in the sky is a powerful representation of God’s presence and power. The fact that the dreamer was surrounded by thousands of believers further emphasizes the importance of community and the power of collective faith.

The dreamer’s excitement and proclamation of the open vision to others shows a desire to share the experience and spread the message of God’s presence and power. This dream serves as a reminder to the dreamer to stay rooted in faith, community, and prayer, and to always be open to divine encounters with God and His people.