A young child was standing on the stage of a church. The child began to prophesy. A blonde haired woman was standing next to the child. As the child continued to prophesy fear was all over the woman's face and then suddenly blood was oozing out of her cheek.That was it.

The Prophetic Child and the Fearful Woman: A Biblical Dream Interpretation,
This dream is rich in symbolism and carries a powerful message about the role of prophecy and fear in our lives. The child in the dream represents innocence, purity, and a close connection to God. The fact that the child is standing on the stage of a church suggests that this dream is related to spiritual matters. The stage is a symbol of authority and influence, indicating that the child’s prophetic words hold weight and significance.

The blonde haired woman standing next to the child represents someone who is close to the child, possibly a mother figure or a mentor. The fact that she is blonde could symbolize purity and righteousness, but it could also represent a lack of spiritual maturity. This woman’s presence next to the child suggests that she has a role to play in the child’s prophetic message.

The child’s prophesying in the church is a powerful image that speaks to the importance of prophecy in the church and in our lives. In the Bible, prophecy is described as a gift from God that is meant to edify, encourage, and comfort believers (1 Corinthians 14:3). The fact that the child is prophesying in a church setting suggests that this dream is a call to pay attention to the prophetic messages being spoken in our churches and to take them seriously.

The woman’s fear as the child continues to prophesy is a warning about the dangers of fear in our spiritual lives. Fear is often a hindrance to our faith and can prevent us from fully embracing God’s plans for our lives. The fact that the woman’s fear turns into blood oozing out of her cheek could symbolize the consequences of allowing fear to control us. In the Bible, blood is often associated with sacrifice and atonement, suggesting that fear can lead to spiritual death and separation from God.

Overall, this dream is a reminder to embrace the gift of prophecy and to reject fear in our spiritual lives. It is a call to listen to the prophetic messages being spoken in our churches and to trust in God’s plans for our lives, even when they may seem scary or uncertain. Let us pray for the courage to embrace the prophetic and reject fear, so that we may walk in the fullness of God’s purpose for us.