riding in a bus with my youngest son and two friends of my oldest son. we came up on a winding really high road. and the bus driver lets someone who doesn't know how to drive take over and we are all scared that we will fall off the road and we do into the ocean. im terrified and grab MY SON'S HANDS AND PRAY TO GOD AND AT THE SAME TIME TELLING MY BABY WE ABOUT TO HIT REALLY HARD. WHEN WE FALL IT DOESN'T FEEL SO HARD BUT WE ARE UNDER WATER I MANAGE TO UNBUCKLE MY SEATBEALT AND THAN GET MY SON OUT. AND THE SHORE IS ACTUALLY REALLY CLOSE. THEN I TURN BACK AND DON'T SEE MY SONS FRIENDS TRYING TO GET OUT. SO IM TELLING THEM TO COME ON. AND THEY KEEP SAYING THEY ARE OK AND THAT THEY ARE STAYING. I CONTINUE TO PLEE AND THEY EVENTUALLY LISTEN.

Trusting in God’s Protection: A Biblical Interpretation of a Dream,
In this dream, the dreamer is riding in a bus with her youngest son and two friends of her oldest son. They come upon a winding, high road and the bus driver allows someone who doesn’t know how to drive to take over. The dreamer and her companions are all scared that they will fall off the road and into the ocean. This represents a situation in the dreamer’s life where she feels out of control and afraid of the unknown. The bus symbolizes the journey of life and the driver represents the person in control. The fact that the driver allows someone inexperienced to take over shows a lack of trust and faith in God’s plan for her life.

The dreamer’s reaction of grabbing her son’s hands and praying to God while also warning her son of the impending danger shows her reliance on God in times of trouble. This is a reminder to trust in God’s protection and guidance, even when things seem uncertain. The dreamer’s son represents her own inner child and the need to protect and guide herself through difficult situations.

The bus falling into the ocean symbolizes a loss of control and being overwhelmed by emotions. However, the dreamer manages to unbuckle her seatbelt and save her son, representing her ability to overcome challenges with God’s help. The shore being close represents the dreamer’s hope and faith that God will bring her through the difficult situation.

The dreamer’s concern for her son’s friends who are not trying to escape the sinking bus represents her caring and nurturing nature. This could also symbolize her concern for others in her life who may not have the same level of faith and trust in God. Her pleading with them to come with her represents her desire for them to also find comfort and safety in God’s protection.

Overall, this dream serves as a reminder to trust in God’s plan and protection, even in the face of uncertainty and fear. It also highlights the dreamer’s caring and nurturing nature, and her desire for others to also find comfort and safety in God. It is a call to rely on God’s strength and guidance in all aspects of life.