I had a dream of running away across a school hallway scared of some people suddenly entering a classroom then feeling safe, settling down and revisiting an old classmate whom I had worked and only interacted with him rarely with in a classroom which had a gateway to the aeroplane, we talked had fun, recognized each other, teased each other out of happiness after that I or maybe every other person present in the classroom must be getting ready to board the plane, another classmate whom I knew also smiled at me out of happiness and was organising his bag. Both classmates are boys, but I felt comfort and while we were boarding, I was happy and relieved but had a bit of sadness.

Finding Comfort and Reconciliation in a Dream,
The dream begins with the dreamer running away in fear, symbolizing a sense of anxiety and unease in their waking life. The school hallway represents a place of learning and growth, suggesting that the dreamer may be facing challenges or obstacles in their personal or spiritual development. Suddenly, people enter the classroom, representing unexpected challenges or conflicts that disrupt the dreamer’s sense of safety and stability. However, the dreamer finds comfort and settles down, symbolizing a desire for peace and security in the midst of chaos. This could also represent a need for the dreamer to confront and overcome their fears.

The dream then shifts to the dreamer revisiting an old classmate, whom they had a distant relationship with. This could symbolize a desire for reconciliation and forgiveness in a past relationship. The classroom with a gateway to an airplane represents a new journey or opportunity for growth and change. The dreamer and their classmate talk and have fun, symbolizing a sense of joy and connection in their relationship. This could also represent a desire for deeper connections and meaningful relationships in the dreamer’s waking life.

The dreamer and their classmates are getting ready to board the plane, symbolizing a new phase or chapter in their lives. The dreamer feels happy and relieved, but also experiences a sense of sadness. This could represent a bittersweet feeling about leaving behind the past and embracing the unknown future. The dreamer’s male classmates could also represent aspects of their own masculinity and the dreamer’s relationship with it.

Overall, this dream could be a reflection of the dreamer’s desire for reconciliation, growth, and meaningful connections in their waking life. It could also be a reminder to confront fears and embrace new opportunities for growth and change. From a biblical perspective, this dream could symbolize the dreamer’s journey towards finding peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation through their faith in God.