I’m on the road in a car. I stop at a store or a roadside bathroom (I don’t remember exactly). After finishing, I stop and a man approaches. I could sense an evil presence within him. By all appearances, he was a homeless man. He tries to scare me: maybe in an attempt to rob me. His attempts to frighten me do not overwhelm me. My demeanor and body language do not give him enough confidence to attack me. There seemed to be an evil presence, like an evil spirit, about him. I eventually walked away knowing he would not attack me, so I got into my car and continued to drive. Somewhere along the drive, I meet and pick up Danny from work (he's someone I mentor at work). We are both going to the same town to visit our grandparents except they live in different areas of the same town. Since we are going to the town, he catches a ride with me and hops in my car. We drive and arrive safely. I drop him off near his grandparents' house and he walks the rest of the way home. I arrive at my grandfather’s house. I have never seen this town or the house. I never even saw a man living in the house once I arrived in it. All I knew was that my mission in the dream was to get to my grandparents' house. That is all I remember. One last thing, the house, and houses around it were small, old, mobile homes, and premanufactured homes. I have never seen any homes exactly like these in my actual life.

Overcoming Evil and Finding Safe Haven,
This dream may symbolize a spiritual battle against evil forces. The road represents the journey of life, and the store or bathroom could represent a temporary pause or rest stop. The homeless man with an evil presence could represent temptation or spiritual attack. However, the dreamer’s confidence and faith in God protect them from harm. This could be a reminder to stay strong in faith and resist temptation.
The arrival at the grandparents’ house could symbolize finding a safe haven or refuge in God’s presence. The fact that the dreamer has never seen this town or house before could represent a new season or chapter in their spiritual journey. The small, old, and premanufactured homes could symbolize humility and simplicity, reminding the dreamer to remain humble and not be swayed by material possessions.
The appearance of Danny, someone the dreamer mentors, could represent a reminder to guide and support others in their spiritual journey. The fact that they are both going to the same town but have different destinations could symbolize individual paths and purposes in life, but ultimately leading to the same goal of finding refuge in God.
Overall, this dream could be a reminder to stay strong in faith, resist temptation, and find refuge in God’s presence. It could also be a call to guide and support others in their spiritual journey. The dreamer may be entering a new season in their spiritual life, and this dream could be a message of encouragement and guidance from God.