God’s Promise of Fertility and Blessings

God’s Promise of Fertility and Blessings
I see Jesus hand-plucking petals away from a red rose until it is down to the bud. The scenery then switches to Jesus taking handfuls of white rice and throwing it out amongst the ground. I hear the Holy Spirit say he's going to bring me many children, and then I see dark skinned children from Africa. They have encircled me. They are dancing, laughing and smiling. A young boy from the crowd, about 7 or 8 years of age and a 4 year old little girl come running up to me, as if I were their mom.

The dream begins with the image of Jesus hand-plucking petals from a red rose until it is down to the bud. This symbolizes the process of pruning and refinement that God often takes us through in order to bring forth new growth and blessings in our lives. Just as a rose must be pruned in order to produce more beautiful and abundant flowers, we too must go through seasons of pruning in order to bear fruit and fulfill our purpose in God’s kingdom. This is a reminder that even in times of struggle and hardship, God is still at work in our lives, preparing us for greater things to come.

The scene then shifts to Jesus throwing handfuls of white rice onto the ground. In biblical times, rice was a symbol of fertility and abundance, often used in offerings and celebrations. This could represent God’s promise of fertility and blessings in your life, both physically and spiritually. The fact that Jesus is the one throwing the rice suggests that these blessings are coming directly from Him, and that He is the source of all good things in our lives.

Next, the Holy Spirit speaks and declares that He will bring you many children. This could be interpreted as a literal promise of physical children, but it could also symbolize spiritual children that you will lead to Christ. The fact that the children are from Africa could represent a specific calling or mission that God has for you in that region. It could also symbolize the diversity and unity of God’s kingdom, as people from all nations and backgrounds come together to worship and serve Him.

The dream ends with two children, a young boy and a little girl, running up to you as if you were their mother. This could symbolize the fulfillment of God’s promise of children in your life, or it could represent the spiritual children that you will nurture and guide in your ministry. Either way, it is a beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness and provision in your life. This dream is a powerful message of hope and promise, reminding you that God has a plan and purpose for your life, and He will bring it to fruition in His perfect timing.