The Golden Road: A Biblical Interpretation of a Dream

The Golden Road: A Biblical Interpretation of a Dream
I sat in the car with my wife and let her drive for a while I was so drained and I looked out the window of car with only enough strength to cry out for Jesus to help me. And then I saw a vision (was awake and not dreaming) I saw a golden road and on the golden road I saw a white cottage (sort of like from Lord of the Ring, English country cottage). And the front door was open and I saw Jesus sitting at a table and I saw his face (but don’t remember it) and He invited me “Edward, come in.” You are home now, rest. I then looked out and saw apple trees as far as the eye could see. Every tree had golden apples. And Jesus said take as many apples as you want. I then saw myself holding as many golden apples as I could cradling. Jesus then said you are free now. He then said “I have much work for you.” The conversation sounded as if it was narrated by the King James Version of the Bible app.

The dream begins with the dreamer feeling drained and overwhelmed, symbolizing a state of exhaustion and spiritual weariness. The car represents the journey of life, and the dreamer’s wife driving symbolizes a sense of surrender and trust in God’s guidance. The dreamer’s cry for Jesus to help him reflects a deep longing for spiritual renewal and strength. This is a common theme in the Bible, where individuals cry out to God for help and find solace in His presence (Psalm 61:2, Isaiah 40:31).

The vision of the golden road represents the path to salvation and eternal life, as described in Revelation 21:21. The white cottage symbolizes purity and peace, and the fact that the front door is open suggests that Jesus is always welcoming and inviting us into His presence. The dreamer’s name being called by Jesus further emphasizes the personal and intimate nature of this encounter.

The golden apples on the apple trees represent the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and the abundance of blessings that come from being in a relationship with Jesus. The dreamer cradling as many apples as he can symbolizes his desire to fully embrace and hold onto these blessings. Jesus declaring the dreamer as free reflects the freedom and liberation that comes from surrendering to Him (John 8:36).

The King James Version of the Bible app narration adds a sense of authority and reverence to the conversation between Jesus and the dreamer. This dream ultimately symbolizes the dreamer’s journey towards spiritual renewal, finding rest and peace in Jesus, and being called to serve and spread His message to others. It serves as a reminder to trust in God’s guidance and to seek His presence in times of weariness and struggle.