The Seals in the Back Alley: A Biblical Dream Interpretation

The Seals in the Back Alley: A Biblical Dream Interpretation
I dreamt of dozens of seals moving over rough stones. they were in a back alley behind my house. They were heading towards the sea shore. they were injured falling apart, dry and needed water. I wanted help them to take them back to the sea . I looked for something to carry them in and found a large vivid yellow bowl. I saw my neighbour also trying to help with a clear bowl. My son was watching he had been decorating my wall with vivid beautiful gold wallpaper. I picked up a baby seal it was soft and very dry. It should have been wet and slippery.

The dream of seals moving over rough stones in a back alley behind the dreamer’s house is a powerful symbol of the spiritual journey. The seals represent the dreamer’s own soul, struggling and injured in a harsh and unforgiving world. The fact that they are heading towards the sea shore, the place of their origin, symbolizes the dreamer’s longing for a return to their true home in God’s presence. The dreamer’s desire to help the seals and take them back to the sea reflects their innate compassion and desire to serve others, a trait that is highly valued in the Bible.

The vivid yellow bowl that the dreamer finds to carry the seals represents the divine guidance and protection that God provides for those who seek to do His will. The fact that the dreamer’s neighbor is also trying to help with a clear bowl suggests that the dreamer is not alone in their spiritual journey and that there are others who share their desire to serve God and help others.

The dreamer’s son, who is watching and decorating the wall with beautiful gold wallpaper, symbolizes the dreamer’s own spiritual growth and transformation. The gold wallpaper represents the refinement and purification of the dreamer’s soul, as gold is often associated with purity and divinity in the Bible.

The baby seal that the dreamer picks up is a representation of their own inner child, innocent and vulnerable, yet in need of nourishment and care. The dreamer’s realization that the seal should be wet and slippery, but instead is dry and falling apart, reflects their awareness of their own spiritual dryness and need for renewal and rejuvenation.

Overall, this dream is a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion, service, and spiritual growth in the journey towards God’s kingdom. It encourages the dreamer to continue on their path, seeking God’s guidance and protection, and to always remember the importance of caring for others and nurturing their own soul.