The Spiritual Symbolism of Twin Flame Separation and Divine Union

The Spiritual Symbolism of Twin Flame Separation and Divine Union
I’m in my twin flame separation journey. I went to a place, I saw incomplete sculpted symbols. Then I saw heart shape. I saw shivling with eyes on it. I went to temple and unknown priest tied maroon color thread on my right hand wrist. Then I saw a sudden rush of water, I protected my mother from it. Later, my family tried to catch the train that started and we boarded into it. I am with my family.

The dream begins with the dreamer in their twin flame separation journey, symbolizing a period of spiritual growth and transformation. The incomplete sculpted symbols represent the unfinished aspects of the dreamer’s journey, while the heart shape symbolizes the longing for union with their twin flame. The shivling with eyes on it represents the divine masculine and feminine energies coming together in harmony. The temple symbolizes a sacred space for spiritual connection and guidance. The unknown priest tying a maroon color thread on the dreamer’s right hand wrist signifies protection and blessings from the divine.

The sudden rush of water represents the emotional turmoil and challenges the dreamer may be facing in their journey. The dreamer’s instinct to protect their mother from the water symbolizes their nurturing and protective nature. This could also represent the dreamer’s need to protect their inner child and emotions during this time.

The dreamer’s family trying to catch the train that has already started symbolizes their desire to catch up with the dreamer’s spiritual journey. Boarding the train together represents the dreamer’s family supporting and joining them on their spiritual path. This could also symbolize the dreamer’s integration of their family and spiritual life.

Overall, this dream is a reflection of the dreamer’s spiritual journey towards union with their twin flame and the support and guidance they receive from the divine and their loved ones along the way.