The Symbolism of Spiders in Dreams: A Biblical Perspective

The Symbolism of Spiders in Dreams: A Biblical Perspective
Was sitting in a planning meeting in a storage room and started noticing several (5-6) little attic spiders were moving across the edge of the ceiling and down the wall. I was curious why there were so many and then noticed more kept coming 2-3 at a time. Then my daughter drew my attention to the air-return like vent in the ceiling on the other side of the room. There were tens of spiders rushing out of the vent side and scurrying along the ceiling and then there was a burst of spiders that flooded out. The spiders appeared darker…not sure if they were darker or just looked darker because they were in a larger cluster. Myself and the other people (don’t know how many but I believe there were only three of us) started moving toward the door on the other side of the vent to see if we could figure out what was maybe happening outside or in the attic to cause the spiders to flee their safe area. Then my husband woke me up so I don’t have an accurate sense of the emotions I felt. I believe I awakened feeling anxious and wanting answers.

In this dream, the dreamer finds themselves in a planning meeting in a storage room, a place of organization and preparation. However, their attention is drawn to several spiders, small and seemingly harmless, moving across the ceiling and down the wall. The dreamer becomes curious as to why there are so many and notices more and more coming out of an air-return vent. Suddenly, there is a burst of spiders flooding out, appearing darker and more numerous. The dreamer and a few others move towards the door to investigate the cause of this sudden exodus. However, the dream is cut short by the dreamer’s husband waking them up, leaving them feeling anxious and in need of answers.

In biblical symbolism, spiders often represent deceit, manipulation, and danger. The fact that the dream takes place in a storage room, a place of organization and preparation, suggests that the dreamer may be facing a situation in their waking life where they feel the need to plan and strategize. The spiders, then, could represent hidden dangers or deceitful individuals that the dreamer may encounter in this situation. The fact that the spiders are coming out of an air-return vent, a place of ventilation and circulation, could symbolize that these dangers or manipulations are coming from a source that is not immediately visible or obvious.

The dreamer’s daughter drawing their attention to the vent could represent a warning from a loved one or a sign from God to pay attention to these hidden dangers. The dreamer and the others moving towards the door to investigate could symbolize their desire to confront and overcome these challenges. However, the dream being cut short could suggest that the dreamer may not have all the information or resources they need to face these challenges just yet.

Overall, this dream could be a warning to the dreamer to be cautious and discerning in their current situation, as there may be hidden dangers or manipulations at play. It could also be a reminder to seek guidance and wisdom from God and loved ones in navigating these challenges. The dreamer’s feelings of anxiety and desire for answers upon waking could be a sign that they need to be vigilant and seek clarity in their waking life.